Mlily Australia brings decades of experience in the mattress business to ensure that the still largely untapped potential of China is released within the Australian sleep service market. We offer a fully bespoke service which means we can make whatever you have the vision for at a price which will ensure you can maximize on the profit potential of your product. Alternatively we have a 'brochure range' of mattresses which you can purchase direct from our Australia warehouse ensuring highly competitively priced, premium quality products within a very quick timescale. And finally if you wish to purchase container loads of product obviously we can also do this and show even further savings. We specialize in doing whatever works best for you.

We are Innovative

  • We develop our own equipment (foam machines and more).
  • We formulate and produce our own foam.
  • We comply and certify to international standards.

We are Global

  • We sell products to Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia.
  • We research and understand the standards and requirements of local markets we deal in.

We offer the best VALUE

  • We are efficient and control our costs at every step of the production.

We are Solid and Growing

  • We have nearly doubled our production every year since inception.
  • We doubled it again in 2010 despite the world economic crisis.
  • We became to be the NO.1 Asian manufacturer of memory foam products in 2012 and became globally in 2014!

We perform

  • We do business with world class companies that expect us to perform.
  • We meet and exceed expectations.
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